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Khanom Fishing & Tour has been operating the tour since 1989. The main service were fishing tour and snorkeling tour at Koh Tan, Koh Raab, Koh Wang Nok and Koh Wang Nai in the area of the south sea island national park. Which covered the are  of Khanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat to Koh Phangan , Surat Thani

          The port is located in Khanom canal, which is comfort to service the customers. There are many times seeing dolphins during the fishing tour. Sometimes we may see the indo pacific humpback dolphin which has gray color on the back and pink into stubborn and sometimes we found the Irrawaddy dolphins staying in a group 7-8 dolphins. These 2 kinds of dolphins keep hunting fish in the same area. The nature of dolphins stay in a couple or family. The young born carve always stay beside a mother. The impression scene is the dolphin swim near a fishing boat.

            Dolphins are mammalia animal, breath by lung, its brain is big and intelligent. Dolphins  learn the fisherman using a fishing net to catch a fish, they keep swimming  closer to eat fish from the fishing net, This cause to damage a fishing net. The fisherman feed them with fish from their fishing. Many times we have found dolphin and fisherman stay together. This behavior attracted to those tourists who eager to see the pink dolphin in Khanom bay. They hired a long tail boat from the village to observe dolphins. On the present day there are many villages service tourists for a long tail boat to see dolphin.

          The human activities effected to dolphins. Started from making ferry piers. Before dolphins kept hunting along coastal of Donsak, Khanom, Sichon and Thasala. Right now there are 2 ferry piers to connected Donsak to Koh Samui and Koh Phagnan,which disturbed dolphins and cause to reduce food area. Normally we easily found  dolphins the border between of Donsak and Taled bay in Khanom, because the nature suitable for living of dolphins. Covered the area of Taled bay, Koh Tarai, Koh Tam, Koh Nui Nok and Koh Nui Nai. Especially on the back side of Koh Tam. It is the seagrass plantation, which is the food bank of sea creatures. There are many kind of sea animals living in the seagrass area. It is very rich for food chain cycle. Dolphins hunting food around this area. Concerned the fishing of human has effected to dolphin, it makes them away to move out  to other place. Sometimes during the dolphin watching, there are many tour boats spread around the dolphins, then make them swim into the deep area. Sometimes the speed boats from Koh Samui chasing dolphins and the some tourism activity not preserve the environment. These are an idea to designed the conservation and responsibility tourism. We develop from kayaking to a tour boat and changed to a long tail at Nangkam beach and combined with the mangrove plantation.