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Our Strength
State of the Art Equipment
  From its early days of producing simple crystal products, Faith Long has since moved into more sophiscated high value added devices. Failong being an early adaptor of such highly automated in-line machineries and with its trained and technological savvy work force had enable its mass production of SMD2520, SMD2016, SMD1612 product range. We continue to strive to be amongst the top and best manufacturer of piezoelectric frequency timing product catering to customer’s ever demanding needs.
  • Our introduction of the world most advanced automatic closed loop production line in a clean room environment for improvement of quality and reliability consistency, process stability and the elimination of pollution to the environment.
  • All of these high grade Japanese equipments are fitted with the latest Visual Recognition System to ensure accurate placement and precise loading of chips.
  • Products are sealed in a Vacuum environment for utmost yield of electrical properties stability and reliability.

  • Process quality monitors and measures timely.

  • Our company is involved in the development of wafer cleaning equipments and setup formulations that meet the requirements of the industry.
  • All use Japanese sputter coating machine to ensure the adhesion and uniformity of the coating.

  • Our company has participated in the development of the final test machine, and the efficiency, accuracy and reliability received favorable comments from customers.
  • We have professional technical teams and stable production equipment.

  • Keep improving continuously. Research and development, engineering, equipment personnel are analyzing and discussing the products.

  • The operator is setting the parameters according to the process requirements.
  • Engineering technician is checking the parameters.
  • Engineering technician is checking the parameters.



Research and Development

  Faith Long is a hi-tech enterprise,  garnering  from its past and present association and experience with this industry and into a melting pot of Technology, Product Development, Production Process and Marketing.

  The R&D department is very independent and continues relentlessly to develop market trending new product with technological innovation. Over the years, the R&D department had worked on many scientific and technological project with the likes of improve production process, classroom lesson and lab base research into new product development in the field of quartz crystal components. In total to-date, there were 32 national and provincial autonomous projects under our belt.

  Within the R&D department there is a headcount of 185 professionals and technical personnel comprising 23% of our total employee. Amongst these are 3 doctorate holder, 2 master’s holder and 1 oversea trained graduate. With a State level National Accredited Laboratory located within this department, we had develop a good working relationship with many state institutions and universities such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, University of Electronics Science and Technology, Shenzhen Institute of  Advance Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and varies other research institutions.

  All Patents, Invention, Copyright and all other forms of Intellectual Properties (IP) Rights are  highly respected, guarded and protected. We, like the rest of the world, are in full concurrent agreement of this value system without which the R&D community motivation and effort will be stifle and negated. To this effect, we have 1 person who specializes in IP and Patent related work, registration and reporting. As it stands, Faith Long has 2 Invention patents, with another one pending and 43 Authorized Utility Models.

Quality Assurance

Failong places Quality Assurance amongst its top priorities and the policy of “Quality Assurance is a given” continues at every step of the process.
Continuous Process Improvement is an on-going activity company wide right from raw material to in-line process to finish product.
There is no compromise for Quality and we strive to be the BEST.

  • IQC Incoming Inspection
    IQC Incoming Inspection
    The raw and auxiliary materials of the company can be used on-line through factory inspection, process validation and verification
  • IPQC In Process Inspection
    IPQC In Process Inspection
    In process inspection of Product Quality, SPC, Equipment Parameters, Material type, Marking, Environmental control, etc done on a planned scheduled basis.
  • FQC Final Inspection
    FQC Final Inspection
    Checks on Electrical parameter, Visual/Mechanical, Cosmetic before Final Outgoing Approval.
  • Reliability Test
    Reliability Test
    All products are tested according to plan ROHS and cover all the reliability tests of the test contents.
  • OQC Shipment Inspection
    OQC Shipment Inspection
    Product packaging and shipment packing box, quantity, order, label, product number and other items inspection.
  • School Management
    School Management
    Instrument calibration management covers all important parameters of measuring instruments, effective instrument calibration management to ensure the accuracy and stability of measuring instruments.
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