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The TCXO Products of Our Company Has Passed the Scheme Authentication of MTK

At present, the surface mount temperature compensation oscillator (TCXO) product (2TG2600001)of our company has passed the scheme authentication MT6625/MT6625L/MT6627/MT6631/MT6630/MT6631 of Mediatek Incorporation (MTK),which is mainly applied to the GPS function of consumer electronic products.

MTK (Mediatek Incorporation) is one of the world's top 10 integrated circuit (IC) design manufacturers. It plays an important role in radio communication and digital multimedia.

Temperature compensated crystal oscillator is abbreviated as TCXO. It is a crystal oscillator that in the specified operating temperature range, the chip can reverse compensate (voltage compensation) the temperature characteristic curve of 3 or 5 times of crystal to keep the frequency of crystal oscillator unaffected by external temperature and maintain high - precision output (e.g., level 10 ). It is widely used in communication, navigation, radar, satellite positioning system, mobile communication, SPC telephone exchanger and various electronic measuring instruments. At present, TCXO products developed and manufactured by the company can fully meet the wireless communication needs.

The successful certification of the series of TCXO products not only greatly affirms the development belief of technical engineers, but also enhances the enthusiasm of the company's employees, and also provides a broader space for the development of the company's product market.

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