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Warm Celebration: Our Company has Passed the Advanced Customs Certification.

In recent days, we have received the Notification of enterprise certification conclusion from Huangpu customs of the People's Republic of China. According to the provisional measures for the credit management of customs enterprises of the People's Republic of China, Huangpu customs need to re-certify the company in accordance with the enterprise standards of customs certification. Finally they considered our company to be in conformity with the advanced enterprise certification standards. The AEO senior enterprise certification of the company started from 22th August, 2014 and in 2017 we finally got the certification of AEO enterprise issued by Huangpu customs of the People's Republic of China. Our company has been authorized as the AEO enterprise and the No. is AEOCN4419932669.

AEO is the short name of “Authorized Economic Operator”, which   is a system advocated by the world customs organization, certifies enterprises with a high degree of compliance, credit status and safety level through customs, and then Facilitate company customs clearance. Customs of different countries can give each other AEO enterprises preferential and convenient measures through AEO mutual recognition system. The advanced customs certification of AEO is the highest level of customs management enterprises and also the highest level of enterprise integrity.
    As one of the international industry's leading export manufacturers of surface mount frequency components, our company has been promoted in the site safety standard, enterprise management system, information system development and other aspects by studying and researching AEO certification management system, strictly implementing relevant management regulations, organizing the work and progress of related departments by the customs credit management methods and the senior certification standards. With strict internal control and integrity management, we have successfully passed the certification of internal control, financial status, compliance regulations, trade safety and other basic standards and additional conditions in the enterprise standards certified by the general administration of customs and then enjoyed more customs concessions and customs clearance convenience.

As the company being an AEO enterprise, the import and export business will enjoy faster customs clearance services from the customs department, including lower rate of goods inspection, prioritizing handle clearance procedures, simplifying the import and export goods documents audit, letting us first  and   establishing coordinator uniformly by the customs when determining the commodity classification, customs valuation, certification of origin of import and export goods or transferring to other customs procedures ,enjoying the customs clearance convenience measures in China customs and AEO mutually recognized countries or regions. So the import and export customs clearance business of the company will be more convenient and efficient, which lays a solid foundation for the company to further develop international market, better serve customers and enhance international competitiveness.

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