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K0114 Conserving Dolphins , Conserving Khanom Environment (Big boat)


K0114 Conserving Dolphins, Conserving Khanom Environment

(Big Boat)


08:30        Pick up from the hotel and go to the pier. Cruise along the river, sightseeing of Khanom                                fisherman lifestyle and the scenery along the route as well. Enjoy the scenery of                                the 11 islands around the area which is know as"Moo Koh Thalay Tai" (South                                    Sea Islands)

09:00       Visit Taled Bay, the habitation of dolphins. Enjoy them up close and sightseeing                                 Pancak Rock along the coastline by kayaking. If you are lucky, the pink dolphin greets                     you closely.

10:00       Travel to Noi Nok Island, pay homage to Luang Pu Tuad and experience a holistic                              Fresh Water Hole and learn about more than 100 years of legends. You will experience                   the harmony created perfectly by nature.

12:00       Lunch on the private beach or boat with soft drinks and fresh fruit in season will be                             served. Swimming and kayaking by leisure as you wish.

15:00       Travel back to shore, return to the hotel.

Price :      Adult : 1,200 baht/ person (Minimum 6 persons)

                 Child : (4-9 years old) 800 baht/ person

                  **Possible to travel with just 1-5 persons for a price of 6 persons**

*This price included :

: Transfer to and from your hotel in Khanom town area.

: Boat, kayaks and life jacket.

: Lunch, soft drink, fruits and drinking water.

: Professional tour guide (Thai-English) and staff.

: Insurance coverage of over 1 million baht/ person.

What to bring? : Towel, Personal medication if needed, sun block, sun glasses, hat, suitable, shoes for the sea activity.

Remark :    

: Program may change upon suitability

: Not possible to do tour# K0114 on November and December (monsoon season period)

: K0114 work on January till October.

: We have boats with capacity from 10 to 150 persons.

: Payment is refundable if your cancellations is not less than 1 week before tour.

: Cancellation charge 50% if your cancellations within 24hrs. before tour.

: Non refundable if your cancellations within 1-2hrs. before tour.